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10 Reasons Due to which you are Unable to Convert Leads on Your E-Commerce Website

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E-Commerce Websites are always more eager for conversions than just driving the traffic to their product pages. If you feel people are just coming and navigating the pages before they buy any product, it’s a big point of concern. It is the time for you to understand the reason behind people leaving without taking any action on the page. UI and UX still stand important aspects in terms of conversion for any ecommerce website but let us also consider other such aspects.

Let us take a look at all such important points to consider for better conversions:


Design of your ecommerce website home page or landing page is the first impression for the visitor. Don’t forget to have proper “Call to Actions” wherever is required strategically. If the ecommerce website designs looks unattractive to the visitors, they will leave the website without doing any transaction. Try to avoid a cluttered website layout, let it be with minimalistic content and more of designs.

You should always keep the target audience in mind along with the product you are selling online. Both should cater to the visitor coming on your website. If there is a mismatch, you may fail to see a good conversion ratio. Choose right colour and structure for your website for better conversions.


Website Navigation is as important as having a nicely designed website. It is critical for the website success and plays a crucial role resulting in overall success. It helps in keeping users for more time on the website and keeping them engaged. This works out best to generate more traffic and reduced bounce rate if the website is user friendly. It is universal rule to have the Menu at the top bar or on the left side of the web page at the top. Menu of any website is the main link to ensure people find it easily for the further navigation between multiple pages of the website. For the website with multiple service pages or product categories, your navigation can be in below mentioned forms:

Dropdown: List is shown on the hover
Mega Menu: List of all possible things can contain Text or Images
Flyout Menu: Sub Menu shown in horizontal format

In the Ecommerce website, it is always advisable to showcase upselling products so that the users can easily navigate as per their interest. Browsing history can help in analyzing the category or product. You can showcase sections like:

– Recently Visited
– Newly Added
– Most Sold Product
– Category Shortcuts


E-Commerce Websites usually lack content on the website. It is advisable to provide detailed content so that it can be helpful for the website visitors. Having detailed product description on the webpage can help the customers in decision making about the purchase, leading it to the higher conversion rate. Ensure that your product content is UNIQUE and not just a copied version taken from any other website. Always remember to capture the feedback of the customer regarding the product, category, and website.

A few key points to remember:

– Detailed Item description
– HD quality Product Images
– All side Images of Product
– Size and Colour Chart
– Product Stock Availability
– Customer Review
– Customer Rating
– Related Product Section

It can do wonders in your conversion ratio if each product can include a video along with multiple images.


Once a user is on your E-Commerce Search result page, he/she would like to further drill down the products as per various parameters. Usually on major E-Commerce websites, you may find options of SORT and FILTER. Users can use these features to drill down further to find products as per their preferences of Colours, Brands, Genders, Seasons, Occasion, Price, Features, and Locations etc. These filters may vary as per the nature and products listed on the E-Commerce websites. This helps the user to find the exact product matching his/her requirement.


Well this is very crucial element for any website. It is very well-known fact and experienced by almost every one of us that if any website takes more time to load, bounce rate is higher. It is really frustrating for any user when the page is taking too much time to load; you will still find this problem in majority of the websites. There are a number of ways to improve your website speed so that the users can navigate through multiple product or category pages speedily.

A few tips to improve your page load time:

– Run Google Page Speed Test
– Optimize the Images (Ensure to reduce the size and not the quality)
– Compress the files and Javascript, CSS, HTML documents with GZip.
– Get the Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver your content locally to the user
– Set up CS and JS in external file helping browser loading it once

To optimize further to reduce the page load time, seek help of an experienced E-Commerce Website Development Company.


E-Commerce websites usually face this issue of having bugs because of the size of the website and lines of codes. There might be more deep issues if the development is not done by a professional development team. You may find the website crash issue if it is not handled properly. A few of the bugs commonly found on the ecommerce websites are:

– 404 error not found
– Malware warnings
– Broken Links
– No Data or CSS errors

In order to keep your ecommerce platform in a healthy format, you need an expert E-Commerce Development Company that will continuously monitor and tackle the situation ASAP.


ustomers always look for E-Commerce websites with fast response systems. The fastest medium to have the communication and trust established between the E-Commerce platform and the user is the CHAT system. Your customer would like to have further support in the form of other help content like HELP, FAQ, return policy, privacy policy, shipping policy, customer support pages, etc. Having all these pages can help you in providing your customers with better assistance.


Gone are the days of filling long forms to complete the registration process. The step of registration with the help of such forms included various fields like Name, Number, Email Address, Reconfirming email address, and some may have to verify phone number too with the help of OTP. Imagine if your visitor has already selected the products in the cart and is expecting to make the purchase in the next step but it is followed by complex registration process, there are chances of your visitor moving out of the website without completing the transaction.

You should collect a few fields like email and phone while registering through form and later let the user complete the profile section. Alternatively, you can have Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. registration and login option for the visitor as a quick and hassle-free option.

Guest Check out is another option used by many ecommerce portals, it provides ease to the visitor to complete the transaction without registering to the portal.


As much as possible it is important to have a simple and fastest checkout process for the website visitors. Some buyers can be impulsive and buy some products immediately without thinking for another second; seeing such a long process of checkout may result in the loss of customer interest.

A few quick pointers to keep in mind:

– Prioritize collecting information as per the orders
– Don’t include any other distracting links on the checkout page
– Checkout process keeps lesser steps and is quite simple
– Let the steps be visible so that the visitor knows the status of the process


It is the most important step in the journey of a purchase done by a visitor on your ecommerce platform. You should try to provide each and every possible option for making the payment. People prefer payment to be made by Credit card but nowadays there are other options as well to make the payment.

Third Party platforms come up with cash back offers if the visitor uses their platform to make the payment. There are wallets like Google Wallet, Paypal, Instamojo, Stripe, etc. You should ensure that you are equipped with all the payment options on your shopping cart.


You cannot afford to ignore website security features. Your E-Commerce website should have SSL certificate, PCI compliance, USE of HTTPS, DoS and DDOS protection, Use of a firewall, etc. You should also define all Terms & Conditions, Payment Return Policy, Product Return Policy, etc.

This can give additional comfort to the product buyer.


Establishing an E-Commerce website portal is not an easy task to accomplish but with few careful steps you can ensure to make this happen in the easiest possible way. The most important aspect that you should keep in mind is that your website visitor should experience a smooth and pleasurable journey while purchasing any product on your website. In order to have a better eCommerce website design for your business try searching out the best E-Commerce Website Development Company.

Enjoy your journey of being an online entrepreneur.

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