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5 Essential Elements of Successful Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development is in high demand since past few years. Mobile application is being used in most of the Industries with the perspective of easing out the efforts of their internal team (B2B Mobile Application) or to facilitate the clients (B2C Mobile Application). It has no further signs of slowdown of the demand. Globally there is huge demand and businesses have realized its value. Businesses are looking for efficient mobile application development services to build a mobile app to provide the much needed support and facilitate the customers to gain an edge over the competitors.

It is proven that a business with the help of a good mobile application can communicate and interact better with the end customers. Efficiency of mobile application can help in achieving the business goals.

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Does it mean that only a few elements are important for being considered as a good mobile application? No, there are more such key elements; let us understand those in detail:

  • Strategy: You should have a right strategy in the place before you start the mobile application development for your business. You should know the reason for development and the goal to be achieved very clearly.
  • Design: You should focus more on the design element as it is directly linked with your end customers; if they feel it user-friendly then your most of the job is done.
  • Development: It is a very essential element to give life to your design and make it a reality.It should be planned well with the timelines and milestones.
  • Maintenance:It is important to keep maintaining the mobile application and also to keep adding new features.

Elements to consider for a successful Mobile Application

1. Business Process


Business process is very important while developing your mobile application. Analyze if you need the mobile application or a responsive website can work for you. If your end customers are okay to perform the complete transaction from the website, you don’t need to rush for a mobile application. Make it responsive for all the handheld devices. If you feel that your client should be allowed to access the data without an internet connection, it makes sense to create a mobile app. If your application requires Mail, Client, SMS and GPS integration then building aMobile Native Application is better option than a Mobile Hybrid Application.

Technology Consultants should study the business requirement and set the goals. The consultant should put adequate time and effort to understand the objective of creating the mobile application before the development. Consultant can weigh the Pros and Cons to help in finalizing the need of mobile application to the business. You should not spend on developing a mobile app just for the sake of doing it.

2. Agile Approach

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A Right Approach for developing mobile application is very important. If you are dealing with a start-up client, choosing an Agile methodology is important. Any technology consultant can suggest the same because the requirement is not 100% final from a start-up client and it needs good room for change requests. Start-ups need proper guidance and hands-on approach during mobile application development. Start-ups require a good consultant at each and every step.

Functional requirement should have detailed user stories that help while application development.  This breakdown of functional requirements is essential in the development process using the agile methodology. It helps in breaking down features into small tasks so that the tracking is easily done. In agile development, there is a constant communication between client, partner and the team members helping in reducing any confusion.

3.  Mobile Application Architecture 


The consultant’s task is to understand the requirement, features and study the market size in order to finalize the architecture for the development of mobile application. It also facilitates quick development and provides level of integration with existing systems. If the architecture is designed well, it can take care of your future feature addition too. If you choose right architecture for your mobile application development, the end user can expect better response time, quick download, easy interactions, better transition and many more such things.

Enterprise mobile applications are deployed on cloud servers or reputed web servers. It also depends on aspects such as internet connectivity, network latency that manages the bandwidth and accessibility. With the help of good architecture, all these aspects are managed well in advance. If your Mobile Application Development Company chooses the right architecture, platform tool and technologies, it also ensures the reusability of the code for rapid development e.g. Module Development. This also helps in reducing the development time to design and develop modules, components and interfaces.

Good mobile application architecture also helps the developers in managing any type of change requests during the development. The changes can be expected due to environment, policy, pricing or market situation. It will also help in ensuring the application, database, services, APIs and components. Scalability and robustness of the architecture can help in fixing the testing issues in advance.

Choose Right Cross-Platform Framework for your mobile application development 

4.  User Interface and Experience (UI & UX)


Obviously UI and UX are two different aspects for consideration in the design of your mobile application. Have you ever faced a scenario that just for missing out one field or entering wrong captcha while filing the form, you have to re-enter all the fields. Such issues are found very commonly in the application and are sometimes very annoying. If you figure out such a thing right at the start, you may feel that the complete application is bad but it may not be true. It may be often the case of the neglected User Experience (UX) design.

While User Interface (UI) takes care of the design elements and deals with the look and feel of the application. It has to do more with the design part. A well designed UX is important and it completely defines user behavior and attitude. It triggers emotional and transactional response by engaging the end users for the testing. The key objective to build a mobile application is for building brand, reputation, traffic, and revenue generation.

As a startup business it is very important to have a good UX and stand out against the competition. A team of good UI/UX Designer can help in ensuring the best design for your mobile application. Keep a continuous track of it.

To understand Difference between UI and UX 

5. Budget 


It is a very important aspect while you are planning to build a mobile application. You need to consider all the aspects of the process right from mobile application development cost and procurements to the monetization of the application. Technology Consultant can play vital role in budgeting your cost for each element from start to the end.

If you are a startup, you may have various questions in mind like:

  • How much will it cost for full mobile application development?
  • How much cost for maintenance and updating the app?
  • What are the other cost elements to go live with the app?

Off course, there are various such factors that need to be considered for mobile application development apart from costing. One of the most important factors that you may miss is to hire an experienced and best Mobile Application Development company for your mobile app based product.


Once your mobile application is ready, upload it on both the app stores i.e.Google Play and iOS App Store. Both the app stores have standard parameters to be considered like size, color scheme, app icons, etc. Once it is successfully uploaded on the app stores and it is LIVE, next step would be to promote the application on the store with a powerful ASO Strategy. Keep a close eye on the analytics and optimization.

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