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Google Adwords: “Ad Suggestions” – An Important Update for Advertisers and Brands

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These days Google updates are on a spree. As of now more updates are coming from Google in the new Google Adwords on the Recommendation page. Obviously, as per our experience, the new Google recommendations page is faster in the terms of load time, numerous new recommendations and use of machine learning. The recommendations page is providing various insights to enhance the performance of any campaign with the help of automation.

Ad Suggestions

New update of showing you the ‘Ad Suggestions’ is nothing but a new feature with some variation of the existing ads mechanism in Google Adwords. This is going to help in your search network campaigns to boost the performance. Ad suggestions will be like a tool showcasing in your account on the Recommendation page. You can view the same and decide if you would wish to enable or disable it for your existing campaign.

Google has mentioned in an email to Advertisers/partners: “You’ll have 14 days from the notification to review them, after which the ads will be automatically enabled unless you choose to remove them.”

The same email further mentioned: “You can edit, pause or remove ad suggestions at any point, though we recommend waiting until they have enough impressions to give you confidence in the ad group-level results.”

Google is using machine learning technology to understand the better performing campaigns in your search network campaign. Ad Suggestions is about taking the best of existing ads and aligning the same with the backend technology to enhance the campaign and create new variations of your campaign. You can choose to add the new variation in your existing activity list to enhance the performance.

Human or Machine

This is a point of argument, you may think of either holding the power of a human to optimize the campaign or think of leaving the optimization to the machine learning technology. Either the aspects may face some or the other limitation, but the best part could be analyzing the best possible solution of two and take it ahead without being delayed. The machine may, of course, take power from the advertisers.

With “Ad Suggestions” feature, you may find it difficult to decide whether to continue with the way it is or leave it to the tool to decide. There is no harm in trying for a few days to check the performance if the campaign is reorganized by the machines. Advertisers! Give it a Try.

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