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3 Simple Ways to Increase Youtube Subscribers

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You must be wondering that with internet going crazy over Instagram and Facebook live sessions and Snapchat live stories, who still creates promotional videos for YouTube? And the answer is Nike, Mattel and many more most popular brands around the globe.

If you have started considering YouTube as a thing of the past, then my friend you need to reconsider it:

• Today, YouTube has more than a billion users which is nearly one-third of the people using internet.

• YouTube generates billions of views every single day.

• The people streaming YouTube videos on a daily basis has increased by 40 per cent in the last two years.

• The number of channels earning lakhs of rupees per year has gone up by 50 per cent.

So now that you have realized how YouTube is still very relevant platform, here are some simple ways to increase your YouTube views and subscribers.


Did you know that the video thumbnail image can largely affect those number of views and subscribers? There are many simple yet effective steps you can take to ensure that your YouTube gets what its actually worthy of. For instance, the thumbnail image of your video can be one of those impact thing which will attract the viewer in the moment when he might be deciding whether to watch your video or not.

An another right example would be placing end cards with large and highlighted button in your video to persuade your viewers to subscribe to your channel and view other videos as well.

Focusing on embedding can also fetch you more subscribers. There are so many similar, simple yet effective ways to attract more YouTube subscribers.

Just figure out what suits your brand the best, implement it and see the results for yourself.


As a digital marketer and strategist, you need to be able to predict in advance how the video will perform and platforms like Tubular help you do that, so you can plan your moves according to that. If you already know, what works well with your audience and what will not, you will know exactly what kind of content you need to create. Just focus on the numbers. This will help you get better with making content.


There are in numerous reasons why influencer marketing is quite an advantage to your business. The best thing about them is that those videos are not just posted on your brand’s YouTube channel but on the account of those influencers as well. This will ensure maximum engagement and reach and also the maximum awareness about you, which ultimately adds to your subscribers.

No matter which industry you belong to, there are plenty vloggers and social media influencers with huge following base in every field. Whether you belong to food industry or IT industry, they are budding in all the fields.
Fame Bit and Bloggers Required are platforms where you can find the required YouTube influencers. At last, you just need to create content that your subscribers want to watch.

Let us know about your thoughts.

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