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Effective Marketing Lessons to Learn from Big Brands

Big Brand Marketing Lessons - Bindura Digital Marketing Agency

 Start-ups never survive on luck, instead one can get guidance from those entrepreneurs who have already been there and walked the path to achieve success. All the big brands that top the list of valuable businesses today have had a humble beginning.

Well, you might ask, “what does this mean to me?”

This can mean two important things for your company.

  • Firstly, you too can achieve the similar success that is achieved by these big brands.
  • Secondly, most of these brands might have gone through the same you are going through at the moment.

So, these successful brands have a lot of knowledgeable advice to offer to your start-up.

Let’s know about the marketing strategies implemented by these brands that have paved a way for their success.

Streamline the Content You Create

Creating a lot of content is good, as it promotes visibility of your brand, help increase conversions, and leads and above all, you get to share your company’s story with the world. As per a recent study, more than 80% of people like to learn about a company or a brand via online content. This speaks about the importance of content for various B2B companies.

But the problem arises with the way the content is being created. Most of the start-up founders try creating all the content by themselves. Instead, they need to let the writers do it so that the content created is compelling.

So, streamline the process of content creation by handling it to an expert from a digital branding company.

Increase Visibility Using Content

This sounds like a very simple fact but is often neglected by many growing businesses. The more content you post or publish online, the more visible your brand gets. Sounds familiar, is it?

The best example for this is none other than Gary Vaynerchuk who took to social media to build his audience. He started by branding himself as an entrepreneurial expert and published content once in every six hours or even less. This trend still continues on his Facebook feed.

Well, how does he do that?

The process is simple. He just documents his whole journey and records his conversations or when he speaks in a conference and posts such videos content online.

You too can take live videos or document your journey to build your audience. They would certainly love to hear your brand’s story.

Create a Campaign

We all know how powerful a Hashtag is and you can use it to create a powerful campaign to reach your target audience.

By using Hashtag you let likeminded people come together. This can be for a cause or for an event or something united around the products or services you provide. This helps to improve the brand awareness and can help create a strong customer base if the Hashtag campaign is compelling. You can take the help of an internet marketing agency to solidify the identity of your brand using such campaigns.

You can make use of hashtags on almost every social media platform like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

If you are looking for a better way to engage people with your brand, start a unique Hashtag campaign today!

Now you can see that there are a number of lessons you can learn from big brands and business leaders. So, it’s time you learn from the success of others!

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