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5 Digital Marketing Strategies Startups should use to get Ahead in Today’s Competitive World

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First of all, let us congratulate you for having a unique business idea and building it up from scratch. It must have taken up a great effort to assemble all the resources, getting investors on board and choosing the best available human resource, but we hate to break it to you that all of this may still not be enough as it is a highly competitive world out there and you have to compete with already set up businesses with greater resources than you.

Take some time out of your jam-packed schedule and read this blog as it may really help you out.


Having a well thought of digital marketing strategy is a must to have a considerable online presence.

According to many reliable researches, people these days spend an average of three hours and fifteen minutes on their smartphones every day. Therefore, it is more effective to have an impressive digital presence to have your brand’s name on your targets audience’s mind.You need to know what users are actually looking for and what will attract them to your brand. You need to elbow your competition and make room for your brand


As per ngdata’s researches, 90% of the consumers do not have a brand in mind while shopping. This brings out an opportunity for you to fish clients in that critical moment. More than 51% of the consumers come across new brands while surfing through various products, therefore you can improve your consumer base by popping pup on their screens on the right time. Utilize each of such micro-moments to make them aware about your brand.


There has been a drastic increase in the searches for “near me” brands. HubSpot claims that there has been a 500% increase in the “near me” searches with the intent of buying in the last two years.

Make sure you list your brand on Google My Business and ensure that it gets the attention it deserves. Customer reviews and experiences shared on it can further boost your sales.

b. SEO

Having keywords in your content which you know are used by people in their searches enables you to reach out to them as a solution to their problem when they type a query on any search engine.


While making full use of SEO, you must share valid content with relevant information on your webpages. It would help you to be considered as a reliable and a credible brand. Your audience will take you as a trustworthy brand and you will convert them into loyal clients.


You need an all-round developed marketing strategy to stand out from the 5 million startups entering into the race of business. As it is quite obvious that every business is unique and every plan might not work for every business the same way therefore it is important for each business to have its own unique digital marketing strategy.

A strategy for you will be based entirely on your objectives, your budget, target audience, market segment, product or service line and more related factors.

Following are the tools that are a must for implementing a digital marketing strategy.


A strong email marketing strategy is a great way of building your digital presence. It is a very effective way of spreading awareness about your new launch or some special offers. You just need a database of emails of the users which you want to target or a segment of market you want to acquire.

 Keep your emails short, use catchy or interesting titles and make sure they contain content which the users want to know about and hence you can convert them into your client. Just keep in mind that you don’t send out too many of them.


 Create and share various digital contents like blog, meme, images or videos. You should keep up to date with latest trends and create exceptional content, which the viewers can relate to and it attracts more of them. This will create a buzz for your new business.


SEM can help your startup get instant results. It lets you create content specifically for your target audience. Start by researching keywords that can be used in your content. Create high quality landing pages with clear CTAs (call to action buttons).


 According to research, the percentage of US adults who use social media, increased from 5% in 2005 to 79% in 2019. As people spend a considerable fraction of their time on social media platforms, it is one of the most effective ways to set up your brand presence and create awareness about you. It is also a cost effective marketing strategy.

Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the most used applications these days. YouTube is the major marketing channel for many startups. Choose a platform which suits your brand the best and focuses on your chosen market segment.


Influencer marketing is quickly picking up pace and is the new emerging digital marketing trend. Having influencers, the people with huge online following base and a wide reach, to influence people to buy your product or service helps a great deal.

 There are a number of digital marketing strategies you can use and implement according to your startup needs and requirements. These strategies can help a great deal in spreading awareness, persuading people and chasing out more customers for your startup. Just make sure you make smart choices, keep up to date with the various online trends and use all those platforms effectively.

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