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8 Things you Should know Before Building a Website

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You might have read tons of articles like these but trust us this is going to be very useful to you. There is often a huge gap between a business owners’ expectations with the website he wants and what the website designer understands them to be. Sometimes the end product is not what the clients expect.

In order to get your website designed exactly how you want it to be, it is important to have a basic knowledge about website development. Bindura Digital, Website Design Company in Navi Mumbai share 8 important factors business should consider before you plan on creating a website.

1. What type of business you are in?

This is the point to begin from. You need to have a very clear idea of what you do before you get a website designed. Having a thorough knowledge about your business and other aspects related to it will help the design research and decisions you make. Even a little bit of misunderstanding can ruin the ideal design, before you start.

2. Define your primary reason for building a website

Generally, website is designed for two basic purposes:

Income generation: These are Dynamic websites. These are E-commerce websites used by businesses who sell their products or services online. Their motto is to generate maximum sales online. This can be done through the payment gateway in the website.

Information generation: These are known as static websites. These websites are designed with the sole purpose of spreading awareness about their products and services. They give out detailed information about aspects related to their business. In a way, they are digital catalogs.

3. Design your website friendly to your target audience

For small businesses, it is not very easy to define a particular market segment to be your target audience. You feel like everyone is your target audience. To be more clear you should ask yourself the following questions:

a. What are the kind of visitors you want to get?

b. Age, gender, level of income and other demographic

c. Determine the reach of the website for the relevant target audience.

4.Build your website SEO friendly

An integral part of your website project is to optimize it for various search engines, from beginning to the end. If you have a SEO friendly website, the users find it on the first page of results when they Google your products or services. This can be possible by doing a proper keyword research.

5.Having the right numbers of pages on your website enhances your user experience.

• You should not have too many or too less pages on your website, it significantly affects your user experience.

• Looking at the existing user pattern in mind, it is suggested to engage the user with minimum pages which will help save the time while browsing.

• This will surely make the user experience better as he would be able to get all the information and get access to all the tabs in the least number of pages.

6. Determining the right features for your websites plays the key role in your web site design

The features you see in other websites may or may not be useful to you. You cannot just pick up features from some website and get them embedded in yours.

The features you add to your website must be based on the nature of your business.

• A shopping cart?
• Email collection and email marketing capability?
• A blog or news feed?
• Photo galleries?
• Onsite videos?
• A mobile site?
• A responsive site?
• The ability for people to leave comments?
• A quick contact form, quote request or booking form?

Plan these things in advance and perceive all the kind of features you are actually going to need.


7. What colors do you want on your website’s elements?

• The colors which you choose to design your web pages strongly represent your brand because different colors show different emotions of the brand. You need to pick the right combination of colors to represent your brand.

•For instance, red brings out emotions of passion, anger, love and danger while black represents fear, secrecy, formal, luxury etc.

• Green stands for fertility, wealth, healing, success and growth while yellow is knowledge, energy, joy and youth.

8. Planning the right website capacity, making the right hosting plan decision will give expansion scope for the website

It is always recommended to hire a web developer, an expert who would help you with all the technical matters related to the website and app. The most common mistakes marketers do is low priced and low capacity web hosting in order to cut down the expenses. This invites a lot of technical issues while operating the website.

Do you already have a website? Did you keep all of the above aspects in mind while getting it developed?

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