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Covid19 – Digital Marketing Tips for your business during Lockdown due to Coronavirus

Global recession is ahead!

Businesses are facing challenges in getting new business, maintaining the existing one, and functioning in the fear of losing clients or deferred payments.  Despite great impact of Coronavirus, there is a hope of revival for businesses across the globe.  As a business owner, you might be thinking of surviving this period by reducing the costs but consider that this is the right time to evaluate and work on your strategies to be ready to perform once the Covid19 is solved. Here are some Digital Marketing Tips for business during lockdown:

Be Positive – Focus on improvising things for your business

Are you thinking that the current situation is going to last foreverand your business may beon the verge of closing? Have you heard that China is lifting the travel ban within next few days? The situation of lockdown and travel ban is not permanent here too! This is just a small interruption to your business.

Businesses should not only think to survive this period but also plan to double their revenue in the next quarter to meet annual revenue goals.

You should have a more progressive and meticulously chalked out strategy with focused spending during this downtime to achieve the desirable outcome. There are many home quarantine business tips to maintain your business online.

Digital Marketing Tips to Consider During the Coronavirus Crisis

1. It’s time to BUILD your brand assets

Don’t you have a Website/ Mobile App yet or looking forward to revamp the existing one? This is the right time to build the brand assets in the form of Website, Ecommerce Portal, Mobile Applications, Landing Pages, etc. for your business. You have ample time now to discuss, research and interact with your Website Development Company via Video Conferencing or Skype Calls to freeze on the requirement and maintain it by following some digital marketing tips for business during lockdown. Team members working from home can create your brand assets during this lockdown period.

2. Social Media is best way to connect

While everyone is locked down in their homes, they have ample time to be present and active on Social Media. As a business it is difficult and not advisable to personally meet the prospects and clients during this coronavirus period. People are busy seeing the updates and trying to remain connected during this lockdown.

It’s time to empathize with others and raise your helping hands wherever it is possible. When other businesses are shying away from social channels it’s the right time to stand out as a brand.

If possible, let your business come forward to help others with Food, Grocery, Medicines, etc. and invite people to join your social cause through social media marketing channels. This will not only help in building your brand Image but also leave a long term impression on the people.

3. Google Should be your best Friend

The thing that you should avoid is to pause or ignore your efforts for search engines. It is a bad idea to stop your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) during this COVID19 period. Be ready by maintaining your keyword rankings so that once people start searching for the keywords, you RANK ON THE TOPof the lists. You should use proper strategic optimization ways during this period. Ignoring your content strategy at this time can harm your current rankings and can take time to rank it back on the search engines.  This can lead to loss of leads and revenue in the future once the businesses are back on track.

There is huge increase in the Search traffic since the lockdown period across the globe and it will continue till we are out of this period. This search however can be with various perspectives and can be benefiting different industries like

  • Entertainment Industry– Kids and Young ones are searching for entertainment
  • Ecommerce– People are looking to buy products / grocery online
  • HealthcarePeople are Buying Medicines Online
  • Finance– People are searching for Financial Helps
  • Media– People are searching for current updates
  • Corporates and NGOs– Performing and promoting CSR activities

Businesses are performing search about the current scenario using search engines to help inmaking their strategy and be ready for the bounce back period. Everything sensible on the search engine currently will be consumed more by the users so it’s not the right time to hide. Take help of experts to frame right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategiesto be found on the top of the search engines. Act before it’s too crowded and you are lost. You need to continue your online efforts and follow all digital marketing tips for business during lockdown

4. Advertise to reach out to people(PPC Campaigns)

Yes people are on the screens for a longer time and hence it is the right time for businesses to use PPC Campaigns. Be visible proactively to connect with your prospects and gain the competitive advantage. Cost-per-clicks are lower than usual so it’s right time to reach more people with same budget or use reduced budget for the same results.In coming weeks it may further reduce as well; so, be prepared to optimize your spend.You never know people sitting idle at home may start communication and close the deal to prepare for the future.

5. Focus on your local market(Google My Business)

While the world may move bit slow, it’s time to have improved local presence for your business. During this uncertain period you should try to work more with the local clients and so it is important to optimize your business as per local area too. Make sure your business is using right LOCAL SEO strategies to optimize your Google My Business page for key phrases like “Near me”. This will help customers in your local area to find your business on the search engines and Google map. Reviews on GMB accumulated during this period will be published once things are normal in the world.

6. Interact for Reviews to build Online Reputation(Reviews and Feedback)

During this time of lockdown, interact with your customers and ask for their well-being.Check out if they need your assistance during this COVID19 period for their brand. It is the right time to ask for the feedback or reviews to your happy and satisfied customers as they are available at home. You can request reviews for your Google My Business (GMB) page, Facebook Page, Third party platforms like TrustPilot, etc. from your customers. This will surely help in improvising your brand image with the professional Online reputation managementcompany.

Just do not make a panic move during this period and use proper metrics to analyze the best in the future for your business. You should gather more data from search engines and analytics before deciding anything. Start and stop strategy does not go well in the Digital Marketing and Branding world.

If you have any concern about business or have any questions about the best way,Bindura Digital – Marketing and Branding Agency can help your business during this downtime, please get in touch or call us at +91- 9140014256

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