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Why Online Reputation Management is Important for Your Hotel

Do you know the importance of online Reputation Management for your hotel?

What if we say your reputation is everything?

What if we say, travellers check for the reviews of the hotel before booking a hotel room? 

YES! You heard it right; it is backed by the data that reviews are very important for any business. 

If you are running a hotel and worried about your bookings, ensure that your guests are leaving with happy faces and good reviews about your hotel. In today’s internet era it is very important to be visible on the social channels and search engines along with positive feedback. Hence your reviews can be influencing and deciding factor for many potential guests in their final booking decisions.  

So, is it really important for your hotel? Should you really care about your hotel’s Online Reputation?  YES! You cannot ignore it in any case. 

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Online Reputation management is about shaping the brand image of your business on all the online platforms. It helps in building trust factors among the potential customers about your brand. It also helps then in driving better business and conversions for your product. 

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Google is changing the algorithms regularly in order to keep the search and its results more specific for the users. It is more about the needs of consumers and its fulfillment on time with the help of best feedback.

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Back in 2014, Google changed the way results are shown for local searches. If you are searching for a “Transit Hotel in Mumbai” on Google, it ideally displays Google Maps at the top along with a few hotels in the list along with the “More” button.  Google keeps on interpreting the content in the search key phrase done by the users to showcase the most accurate results. Hotels keep on working towards achieving the top ranking in the Google Map searches; however, it is still lesser known about the exact parameter to rank. Keep Working on it!  


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Your local search should be important and best reviews can be showcased to the online visitors. You have to ensure that your website is well built and optimized to give the best experience to website visitors. You should optimize the website with all the aspects of Search Engines with the help of SEO standards and best practices. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly, secured, infused with relevant keywords, etc.

Along with this, Google My Business profile is very important for your hotel. You need to ensure that the hotel’s ‘Google My Business’ is well optimized with the right content like Text, Images, Videos, GIF, etc. You need to keep on feeding the right set of content so that Google recognizes it as fresh content and the profile too. Your Profile will be highlighted and ranked on the top in Google My Business Listing. 


Rating and Review of your hotel is important. It can be rating and review on your own assets like Google My Business Profile, Facebook Page, etc. and on 3rd party review platforms like TrustPilot, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Oyster, TrustYou, etc.

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Rating and Reviews can be negative or positive. It is bound to happen that some people may provide negative reviews. Once you see a negative review, it is better to respond to them and interact. Once the guest is satisfied with the clarification, the guest may go back and edit the negative review to make it positive.  

In order to manage this professionally, you need to hire an expert team for Digital Marketing for hotels. Their professional team can manage the reviews, questions, concerns, queries not only on time but also with relevant content. You can also approach influencers for blogger outreach programs and request them to publish blogs on your hotel facility, food, quality, services, etc. A very strong relationship with the content creators can help you. 

By creating relationships with content creators, you can work on sponsored posts to create reviews or posts mentioning your hotel as a resource for people traveling to your city. These relationships create backlinks to your website, which helps overall search ranking as well as creating brand awareness, and can lead to new guests learning about your hotel.

Your online reputation can be changed in an instant. Keeping a handle on your social media along and Google My Business profile can create a great foundation to rank well in search results but nurturing good relationships with previous guests along with online influencers will give your hotel a better reputation online and pull in new business.

To discuss your online reputation management needs, please contact Bindura Digital’s team for digital marketing for your hotel.

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