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Importance and Rules for Creating Facebook Landing Page

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When you aim to create a successful Facebook page with wide reach and a huge following with excellent conversion rates, having well-planned and executed ad campaigns is just half part of the job, working on landing pages is the other half of it.

A landing page is the webpage which the users land on when they click on your one of your ads. Its where the journey of conversion begins, this page compels them to take an action, which of course is a benefit to you, like writing down their email, subscribing to something you need them to, downloading a resource, view a product/offer, make registration for an event, learn more about your brand or more.

The natural progression of an ad is that it directs the users to the next step that is the landing page. It can be a Facebook tab or a link that directs the user to a webpage of your brand’s website.

Why is it so Important to have a Landing Page?

Many marketers focus solely on the ad while they plan out a campaign. Even if the ad generates a lot of clicks, but no considerable conversions, they automatically assume that there is something wrong with the ad itself. They start to wonder if the ad is targeting the right audience or is explaining the offer in the right manner. Though this is a possibility but if the engagement is even decent on your ads and the CTR rate is also good, then it’s the landing page that is not that as compelling as you want it to be.

You might lose a lot of potential clients if your ads are strong but your landing page is not. It’s just a waste of resources. The objective of creating ads is to gain perspective consumers’ attention and spread awareness, and then direct them to the next step which is to your landing page.

It is your landing page after all that is going to explain about your products, the services you offer or the offers provided by your brand in depth.

The landing page is where you can explain your brand’s USP (unique selling proposition) and convert interest to action. Hence, the importance of landing page cannot be explained enough.

Facebook Landing Page Rules:

Here are a few basic Facebook landing page rules, you need to keep in mind;

Your Landing Page and the AD must Align with Each Other:

This is not just the best way to do it but also a basic requirement of the whole process. You have to make the same offer on your landing page as you made on your ad.

It must Follow all the Advertising Policies Framed by Facebook:

Go through the rules provided by Facebook thoroughly, if there are any restrictions around your industry, you need to keep those in mind.

It should be Completely Functional:

It must be ensured the landing page does not have any technical issues and there are no issues while loading it, otherwise Facebook might take the ad down.

It cannot Automatically Download Anything or Direct the User to A Different Website:

Even if the user clicks on the ad, the ad cannot download any file without user’s permission.

You cannot have Users Click Through Ads to View a Landing Page:

There should not be any monetization. You just cannot block a page the users are trying accessing to with an ad.

What are the things you like to keep in mind while creating your landing pages?


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