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Why Brands Approaching Vlog Influencer for Marketing?

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Influencer marketing has become quite popular these days. Using this to market your brand can leave a huge impact on your audience.

Newer and more creative ways of marketing products have been flooding the markets these days. Today, a simple image is not enough to gain consumer’s attention on social media.

They want to be engaged in the kind of content that is more than just an image, they want to see, hear or even interact with the post.

The group responsible for the drastic shift in marketing ways is the social media influencers. Earlier, it was the marketers which leveraged these influencers to market their products and services. Nowadays it’s just the opposite, influencers set new trends and then the marketers follow it to market their products. eg Mama Earth who approach youtubers to market their products in vlogs.

All the popular social media platforms have put in more efforts to stay relevant by allowing and encouraging more video content to be uploaded and shared. Facebook has enabled more live sessions whereas Instagram has been more videos on its stories.


The influencers know exactly what their audience or followers want. Their attention span getting shorter only implied that they expect more captivating content. They want to be seen, and they know that as per the Instagram algorithm, the more engagement they get, the more people are going to be able to discover them.

The influencer-follower relationship these days has shown that people like to connect more online. They are more curious about the lives of the people behind other screen, especially if they are influencers or celebrities.

The arrangement has become quite casual these days, it doesn’t make much of a difference if the videos are created using high resolution cameras and perfect backgrounds or just during a brisk walk down the street as long as the content is engaging, featuring an influencer.

Both the groups are codependent on each other, the influencers need their followers as much as the followers want to watch their content. This is the reason they keep in touch with their followers by just sharing about their day, how they like/dislike a product or just make a simple video to say ‘HI’.


Instead of looking at this as a dramatic shift, the marketers should recognize this as an opportunity to raise their online presence. The investment is going to remain the same and the followers get satisfied with low resolution quality of videos. Hence the marketers don’t have to invest a lot in professional high definition tools or set up expensive sets to record their promotional videos.

Even silly blooper videos or stars behind the scenes getting ready for shoot can fetch you much attention. Hence the marketers don’t have to invest a lot in the professional high definition tools or set up expensive sets to record their promotional videos.

Moreover, as the influencers really understand what engages consumers, the marketers can just let them do what they do by letting them create their own videos for the brand to spread more awareness and publicity about the brand.

Who is your current favourite social media influencer? What do you like the most about them?

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