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Brand Awareness: What is The Process of Branding And Steps to follow?

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Are people really aware of your brand? Can they describe or recognize your brand by just seeing your logo or brand elements? To answer this it is important to know the complete aspect and process of branding.

Your brand guidelines and tone can be Professional, Practical or quirky but the message should be very clear to your prospects. You should follow brand guidelines and the processes to shape your brand. It is just not a day task but it is a scrupulous process to create your brand identity by taking careful steps one at a time.  Let us first understand reason and then steps to optimize the branding process.  

Branding and Business Success

It is a question most of the clients ask me and I just give a smiling look at them. The first step I feel to respond to such people by reminding them of the brands that have replaced their name against the category like BISLERI for packaged drinking water, COLGATE for toothpaste, etc. I am sure it is difficult to claim the role and influence of the branding on the success of business but this fact cannot be ruled out too. 

Process of Branding- Bindura Digital Marketing

Branding itself cannot ensure product sales in a consumer buying journey however it can change the perception of your brand and be an influencer to a consumer. It is time to dig more into branding process and understand the ways branding agency can help in:

Process of Branding

Process of branding is multiple careful steps that you follow in order to create awareness of your brand among the people with an intention to build a reputation. Branding exercise needs to be followed by every new brand however it can be very well used for rebranding purposes too. While creating your brand strategy it is important to understand all the aspects like product, consumer, taste, brand materials, location, etc. 

Your brand guidelines can be very well designed with elements like brand color palette, font type, font size, typography, icons, etc. It should be well recognizable on all the platforms. Upon carefully using these elements your brand should convey a clear message and should create an impact on your consumer mindset. 

An agency like ours can have a detailed discussion about your Goal, Objective, Vision, Tone, Consumer, Market, and other elements before we start shaping your brand. We help you get the answers to these questions with the help of detailed market research.   

Steps for the process of branding

Process of branding can be understood with the detailed study into each step: 

1. Build Brand Guideline and Strategy

Brand Guideline & Strategy - Process Of Branding - Bindura Digital Marketing

This is the first and foremost step in the entire process. It is important to know your stand as a brand and recognize its potential too. You should define the purpose of your existence and then completely focus on the core value of your brand or business. You should ready for tough questions like purpose of business, competitive advantage of product, expected market share, etc. These guidelines should have everything documented clearly as it will be for an internal and external team to use throughout your business. 

  • Define your business and objectives
  • Define your target audience
  • Mention your product or services
  • Comparison with a competitor on all parameters

Brand strategy is key while drafting your business strategy that can include aspects of brand loyalty.  

To dive deeper, take a look at our more in-depth guide: Effective Marketing Lessons to learn from Big brand

2. Perform Market Research

Once the brand guideline is defined it is important to know the market for such brand. You should be well aware of your market before creating a business and marketing strategy. You should understand your competitor business, product, pricing strategy and marketing strategy before you plan for your brand. A thorough study and analysis of these aspects will surely help in outperforming the competitors in the business. It can also lead to bit easy entry into the new market.  

Market Research - Process Of Branding - Bindura Digital Marketing

You should put yourself in the buyer position to think about his need. You need to dig more to study the buyer persona and trends in the past. You can also check the social platforms performing well for your products and delivering good results.  You should analyze and study: 

  • What do they need? 
  • Where do they buy? 
  • How much are they willing to pay? 
  • Will they buy online or Offline? 
  • Are they looking for cheap products or branded ones? 

This step is also about positioning and differentiating the brand from others. You need to carefully analyze the one point where your competitor is failing and try to capitalize on the same. Create a niche of your brand. So the research plays an important role in your complete branding and business strategy. 

3. Create a Brand Guide and Identity

The main objective of any brand is to create a brand that is unique and easily recognizable by its consumers. Your brand should be interactive enough that consumers should be attracted towards it. The most important part of your brand identity is the brand LOGO and that is the first step. 

Brand Guide & Identity - Process Of Branding - Bindura Digital Marketing

You should have style guide for your brand. You need to work carefully on finalizing your Brand Logo, Brand Name, Colour Palette, Font Style, Font Type, Font sizes, Brand Tonality, etc. Brand Name should have meaning and impact on the mind of people for a longer period of time like TESLA for an electric car. Font variations will help in settling its use while writing content for various brand materials like websites, flyers, social media, etc by the agency. The agency will have strict guidelines to use brand elements as per brand standards.

This will help in achieving consistency in the brand designs irrespective of number of agencies handling different campaigns for your brand. The agency will carefully follow all the brand guidelines while creating any brand assets. You can keep on updating these guidelines if there is any change as per your brand image by the management. 

For a closer look at these areas in detail, read our steps to create online campaigns

4. Brand Awareness Campaign

Branding is most important and so is the careful campaign design for the same. It is very difficult to achieve the objectives of the campaign especially when it cannot be measured in numbers so easily. You need to work on the comprehensive brand strategy for the brand awareness in the market. 

Brand Awareness - Process Of Branding - Bindura Digital Marketing

Your brand guidelines should appear consistent in all the creatives and brand assets so that people can easily relate it. The awareness campaign should have a clear message for your consumers. You can work on the brand awareness campaign calendar to achieve your brand goals and keep constant tracking. You should consider the change request while the complete process of branding activities without hurting the main objective.     

Branding is a continuous process

It is a very interesting and great task to build something from the scratch. It is a very careful step that needs to be taken when it comes to the branding or brand building activity for any brand. Active participation in the brand building activity will help you utilize your analytical skills and put your complete experience. The fact is these activities can never be put on hold it is continuous in nature. As a brand sometimes you need to tweak or have a complete revamp of your brand identity like HOUSING.COM, a property portal based in Mumbai did few years back and spent huge amount of money on rebranding their logo

Keep working on your brand building activity and keep achieving your goals in the business. 

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