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5 Awesome Tips To Ideate For Your Blog Posts

5 Tips to Ideate Your Blog Post - Bindura Digital Marketing

Well!!! By now we all know that content is King and the most widely used format is the Blog Post. Blogs are created in order to provide more and more content to the search engine and readers. Blogs should be created as per the relevancy of the subject and the topic. It should not just be created to lure the website visitors to the website.

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You should know the best way to create effective content for the visitors. Blogs are posted on the brand website i.e. internal blog website and on third-party portals i.e. external websites. Internal blogs on the brand website are created with the perspective of attracting the website visitors, interlinking other content on the same website and keeping the website visitors engaged for a longer duration. However, blogs posted on the external website are used to drive traffic to the brand website through a hyperlink to the relevant text.

It is the most difficult task to keep on thinking about new topics and come up with new ideas to generate content. Let us have a look on a few great ways to ideate your next blog post:

1. Research across the platforms

When I started writing blogs on the topic, my expertise on it was easier to pen down the stories but what pulled me was the use of relevant keywords. I then started to Google about the keywords and key phrases that can be relevant to be used in my blogs. There are various available online tools like BuzzSumo to do your own keyword, key phrase and topic research. Effective content will ensure people love it and share it to make it a viral piece.

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You can just use relevant keyword, find the best available articles and then create something that is much better than the top article. You need to just remember that your article should be much detailed one and cover maximum aspects. There are various tools to help you out with the latest and trending topics. You can keep track of certain keywords and related topics will be highlighted to you. If you are a new blogger, be hungry for the audience and for that you have to be active on social channels, increase your audience base. It is always better to choose the best one and recreate something more interesting and knowledgeable.

2. Brainstorm with people

Don’t forget to ask others about their opinion if you have a chance to do it. If you have a team, make sure you meet them frequently to discuss about your ideas and brainstorm with them over it. You may also understand the thought of other people on the same. Once you start brainstorming with the team you get fresh ideas to think over it. Discuss the same with other people outside your circle to get more ideas to create the best piece of content. The more time you put in researching and brainstorming about the topic and content, better piece you expect out of it. This is done to ensure that your readers like the content and read till the end.

3. Link-related content

When I first started writing a blog the most difficult part was to interlink other articles available on my website. It was later I started realizing the benefit of interlinking other blogs and types of content. It is best to have a detailed thought on a blog and have interlinked blogs on specific sub-topics as well. A thorough analysis and content calendar is required in place to interlink various contents. Sometime you may feel that as a brand you are best to create the content that is best for the readers but it may be difficult to optimize the same one for search engines. In case you write a blog of 3000 words with various sub headings, see if you can create separate blogs on each of those and can link at the later stages. You should take help of specialize people in this context.

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4. Take Feedback

Feedback is always helpful. It provides you a roadmap and lets you optimize the content on the basis of the feedback. It is good if you can take some survey or conduct some polls to get more ideas about the topics. Your existing audience can be of great help to provide you genuine feedback. They can also give you some guidance on the topic.

5. Look for other sources

I do not overlook the activities done by other brands. I love to take inspiration from my daily life and like to share my experiences while writing the blog posts. It is always better to remember small relevant things and include that in your blogs. If you are part of any networking groups, associations, events, and conferences, keep a close attention on the challenges shared by other people and think to create a blog that can really be helpful to them. Obviously don’t forget to share the blog with them once created.


The primary step to create a blog is to finalize the blog topic, keywords, and research on the topic with the help of various tools available. Google Keyword Planner, Quora and Reddit can be of great help. A good Content Marketing Agency can help you strategies and implement awesome content calendar. On the basis of keywords, you can get suggestion for the best topics that perform really well. There are many things available so that you can have fun while writing your blogs. Keep reading and explore writing!!!

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